4th of July Popcorn Tin Labels and Holiday Hours

4th_of_JulyFire up the grill! The Fourth of July is here, which means we are midway through the summer AND the year. The best way to celebrate is to savor the summer with a barbecue and fireworks. If it’s raining? Take it to the movies!

Popcorn is perfect for both! Show off your Karma Tins and Big Karma Tins with our new Independence Day labels. Of course we brought back All-American popcorn (our version of movie popcorn but with real butter) for the occasion, whether you are outside or in the movie theater. Besides being a fun appetizer and snack while the food is grilling, popcorn is also a gluten free alternative to bread – try using it instead of rolls or a loaf.

We are closed on July 4th so come in and get your popcorn before then!

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Pop Karma on the Today Show

Today_2013We made our first appearance on the Today Show! We are so thrilled to announce that we were on Today’s “Stuff We Love” segment on May 28, presented by Savannah Guthrie and Chassie Post where we were described as “the best gourmet popcorn you’ve ever had.” (!)

True story: a couple months after we opened a vendor asked Jean what her dream press would be. Jean was befuddled since she hadn’t really thought about press – all she was thinking about was making delicious popcorn and presenting it beautifully. The vendor stepped in and said, “What about the Today show? Wouldn’t that be great?” Of course Jean agreed it would be amazing, but she didn’t quite see how that would ever happen. Well, it turns out dreams can come true so keep on dreaming!

You can see the clip here. It’s super short – just 13 second but it’s still there!

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Popcorn and Drinks Pairing Party

Pop Karma Popcorn Pairing at Back Label Wine (Photo by Rainer Coloma)

Pop Karma Popcorn Pairing at Back Label Wine (Photo by Rainer Coloma)

We created Pop Karma Popcorn to be enjoyed with beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We recently had a Popcorn Pairing class where we paired different Pop Karma flavors with different alcohols. Our friends at Back Label Wines were geniuses in matching drinks to different flavors. Since not everyone could attend, we are sharing these brilliant pairings. Playing around with the flavors allowed us to identify several hits and some misses. If you are looking for a party idea, this is a great one – everyone had a blast trying the below combinations and making their own. We all left inspired!

  1. Zen Cheddar with Two Roads – Honeyspot Road – White IPA. The sweetness of the cheddar was brilliant with the sweetness in this IPA. This was a refreshing and delicious combination I could eat all night.
  2. Cajun Popcorn with Tire Bouchon – Burgundy Chardonnay. This white wine held up to the spices in the Cajun Popcorn, and together they sparkled. We initially thought of the All American for this wine, but the surprise of the Cajun pairing won us over.
  3. White Truffle Cheddar with 2013 Nino Costa Nebbiolo. People often pair the White Truffle Cheddar with champagne which is divine, but this pairing is wonderful as well and was a crowd pleaser.
  4. Kyoto Mix with Yamanaka Shuzo – Hitori Musume Nigori Sake. The creamy unfiltered sake combined with Kyoto Mix was a lovely, refreshing pairing that I couldn’t get enough of.
  5. Pure Caramel with Mr. Katz’s Rock & Rye. This sweet rye with the Grateful Dead history was a revelation. Kind of like candy. The vanilla in the Pure Caramel and the vanilla in the Rock & Rye played off each other beautifully. We also initially tried a honey whisky with the Pure Caramel, which was another wonderful combination.
  6. Margarita Popcorn with Mezcal Vago Elote Margarita. Holy smoky mezcal! Mixed with fresh lime juice, this pairing with Margarita popcorn was such a delicously refreshing no-brainer that we ended the class with this.

For a fun evening, get a sampler, invite some people over and play around with yourown pairings!


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Learn about our origins on CNBC

Pop Karma Jean Tsai CNBC

Pop Karma’s Jean Tsai on CNBC

Our founder Jean Tsai was on CNBC’s Power Lunch explaining the origins of Pop Karma. You can check it out here.

We did a full day of filming at the shop to get those two minutes. Somehow the CNBC crew of producer Karen Stern and cameraman Bob Briscoe made it a blast! Here’s a behind the scenes photo of the crew in action.

Behind the scenes at the filming of CNBC's Pop Karma segment

Behind the scenes of CNBC’s Pop Karma segment

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Dark Chocolate Drizzled Over Pure Caramel Popcorn

IMG_2063Decadence like this happens once, maybe twice a year. It always happens around Valentine’s Day. We worked with Tache Artisan Chocolate to bring you this addictive flavor – it’s an antioxidant rush from the dark chocolate and the popcorn that goes straight to your head. Seduce tastebuds with this limited edition flavor, available in store and online.

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Pop Karma is one of Vanity Fair’s Best Holiday Popcorn Offerings!

Pop Karma is one of the Best Holiday Popcorn Offerings

Pop Karma is one of the Best Holiday Popcorn Offerings

We love the holidays so we were especially thrilled to see ourselves in Vanity Fair’s Guide to the Best Popcorn Offerings Out There this Holiday Season! One of our customers studied the list and informed us that we were the only organic corn of the bunch.

We think Karma Tins and Big Karma Tins are the perfect holiday gift. They are shareable, which makes them perfect for offices, gatherings, and families (the holidays are all about communal celebration!). Just put one out and watch the popcorn disappear. People gather to talk over and about the different flavors, and they come on their own time to grab a cup of inspiration.

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Pickle Day 10/19/14

pickleIt’s time for Pickle Day! Everyone talks about the bustling Lower East Side of the past, when everyone came to shop the great clothing deals and pickle vendors populated the area.  For one day every year, this heritage comes back to Orchard Street via Pickle Day.  Orchard Street is packed with revelers since food and retail vendors line the street between Houston and Delancey Streets, including pickle vendors.  Join us for the fun!  We’ll be serving Pickle Popcorn!

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