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Popcorn is… trendy

Several of you have contacted me with the brilliant idea of serving Pop Karma at next year’s Oscars. Naturally I like that idea. Then NPR featured a story on… POPCORN. One of my favorite lines from the story is “Popcorn — … Continue reading

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Why Karma and Popcorn?

What does karma have to do with popcorn? Karma is originally a Sanskrit word that means “deed” or “action.” This Indian concept suggests that you will reap the consequence of each of your deeds, good or bad. At Pop Karma, … Continue reading

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Cool Popcorn Popping Video

Chef Stephane found this high speed video from Modernist Cuisine of a single popcorn kernel blooming into a full blown piece of popcorn. Watch it, it’ll make you smile and it’s only 12 seconds. He thinks it looks like a … Continue reading

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What Makes Pop Karma Different? Part III: Mindful Sourcing

We take your snacking very seriously. That’s why we scour the markets for the purest ingredients, then we carefully craft it by hand. Just as important as taste is the way our ingredients are grown. We believe that the best tasting … Continue reading

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