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Pop Karma is an LLC

It’s official. I’m thrilled to announce that Pop Karma, LLC was accepted into eMinutes’ First Time Entrepreneur Program and has received its Articles of Organization!  I agonized over the legal formation – whether to be an S-Corp or a Limited … Continue reading

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Why is Pop Karma Popcorn Different? Part II: It’s Handcrafted

What makes Pop Karma popcorn unique? We already discussed the top quality ingredients that we use so it’s time to talk about the actual making of the popcorn. Our popcorn is handcrafted by popcorn artists in microbatches. When I started … Continue reading

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Why is Pop Karma Popcorn Different? Part I: Ingredients

What makes Pop Karma Popcorn unique? There are several answers, but let’s start with the top quality ingredients. Our hand-crafted, artisanal popcorn is made made from high-quality, sustainably grown ingredients. We scour the market for the best possible suppliers we can find. … Continue reading

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Having a Dream

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. … Continue reading

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Meet Le Popcorn Chef

It’s the pack that gets the job done, not the lone wolf. ~Mike O’Neil Nothing in this life happens without other people. Even the tortured artist that creates alone wasn’t born alone.  She was inspired by an experience from someone, … Continue reading

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Pop Karma is Air Popped

When Stephane, Pop Karma’s uber-talented Chef Consultant and I first started talking popcorn, we debated air-popped vs. oil-popped. Air popping requires nothing but hot air – if you give popcorn enough heat, it will pop. Oil-popping provides the heat source … Continue reading

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Popcorn Picture

A few people have asked if the popcorn picture at the top of the page is Pop Karma Popcorn. The simple answer: yes.  Like our food, it’s real. It really is that beautiful and delicious. It came straight from the … Continue reading

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Pop Karma Brand Pillars

The foundation for Pop Karma, even before the recipes, were our brand pillars. We brainstormed a lot of ideas since there’s so much we want the company to stand for, but four values were blindingly obvious: Excellence in our products, … Continue reading

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How Pop Karma came to be

I have a confession. I am an incorrigible snacker. I graze all day. I am also a foodist. I want to eat pure unadulterated food that is sustainably grown. Food that is produced responsibly from farmers that consider themselves stewards … Continue reading

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