Point Thank You on September 11

pointhankyou_120911_420_1A lot has happened in 12 years, and the beauty of life is that we move on. We have to move on from grief or we would never survive. But we don’t forget.

I ran past a ragtag group of people holding thank you signs up on West Side Highway and Christopher Street. Of course I remember 9/11 every year, but seeing this ragtag group in their same position where crowds gathered daily to cheer our responders brought back a visceral set of memories, unbidden tears and a smile. What I remember just as much as the horror is the generosity and kindness that we showed each other in the city, and that the world showed us through volunteers and support. For several weeks New York City became a small town, and the world our state.

I learned today that the area and group is called Point Thank You. I didn’t tell them in 2001 or this morning, but if you stumble across this, thank you for keeping that kind spirit alive.

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