New Product: il Laborotorio del Gelato

il_laboratorio_del_gelatoWe are thrilled to announce that we are scooping the celebrated il Laborotorio del Gelato in Pop Karma for the summer!

Laborotorio was founded in our space in 95 Orchard Street before moving up the street a few blocks to its current location at 188 Ludlow.  Jean has been a longtime fan of their amazing gelato, and their proprietor, Jon Snyder has been an amazing and kind resource of general knowledge for us. We’ve even kept some of the same equipment — if you come to our store you will see their old refrigerator, coffee equipment, sink and shelving.

Like Pop Karma, creamy Laborotorio gelato is hand-crafted from the finest ingredients. We love it for its intense flavors and creamy consistency.

We are scooping chocolate, fior de latte, strawberry and mango sorbet. We have spots for two more flavors, so let us know which ones you would like!

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