Bryant Park Film Festival + other Free NYC Summer Events

Pop Karma Popcorn at HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Courtesy, Bryant Park Corporation

You know it’s summer in NYC when the free events start. For such an expensive city, there are quite a few amazing cultural things to do for gratis when it’s sweltering out. One of the classics is the HBO Bryant Park Film Festival which kicks off Monday, 6/17. Grab a blanket and cool off with Tootsie. There won’t be any hydrogenated kernels in sight. Instead, we will be there with artisanal popcorn: Classic Mediterranean, Zen Cheddar and Pure Caramel.

What other freebies are there? Here’s a partial list of our favorites:

  • Philharmonic in Central Park
  • Movies movies movies
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center (you can join the crowds and dance outside the paying section)
  • Summerstage concerts

Are we missing anything? Add it in the comments!

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