Organic Popcorn for Earth Day

EarthDayWhat does gourmet popcorn have to do with Earth Day? We choose to use organic popcorn because it is grown without artificial chemicals and fertilizers. When corn is grown conventionally, nitrogen and other chemicals are dumped onto soil to maximize the amount and size of corn. While it initially increases the harvest, over time, these chemicals leach into groundwater and deplete the land so that more and more chemicals are needed for smaller and smaller harvests and the soil is barren. It’s a trade-off. Short term gain for long term poison.

Organic, sustainably grown foods are grown without chemicals and require more skillful stewardship of the land. A farmer needs to be a skilled grower to make sure that they can maximize their harvest while taking care of the land to keep it fertile.

At Pop Karma, we search out the best tasting organic popcorn to make sure that it is grown naturally, to improve the health of our earth and ourselves.

We also reuse and recycle whenever possible, which is why we encourage refills. We are celebrating Mother Earth for a week, so all refills are 20% off from April 22-25. Bring in your Karma Keepers and Karma Tins, or use the code RefillForEarth when you order online!

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