Pop Karma Menu

So we’ve been up for three weeks now, and we forgot to post the menu. Who’s the flake?  Oh that would be Jean.

Anyway, we serve popcorn (popped fresh that day), other great healthy snacks like Chia Chargers and Raw Granola Bars, a Tanzanian single-estate coffee from Dallis Bros, and cool drinks. All our popcorn is air-popped. We have six flavors at any given time – three classic flavors that never change, and three seasonal flavors that change monthly.  Our classic flavors are Mediterranean (an organic olive oil and sea salt), Pure Caramel and Zen Cheddar.  Currently, the three seasonal flavors are Margarita (coconut lime), White Truffle Cheddar and Barbecue.  As always, our corn and many of our ingredients are organic, and everything is made from real food.

You’ve already met our Frank, our organic extra-virgin olive oil.  We’ll be introducing some of our other suppliers soon.

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3 Responses to Pop Karma Menu

  1. Johan M. Bergfjord says:

    I think that Down to Earth’s giant cookies would look pretty cool on that board 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    I want more popcorn. Can I order online?

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