Our First 10 Days

We’ve been open for about a week and a half, and things have been crazy!  We’ve had some lovely local press coverage, and we’re getting our operations smoothed out so we should be online in a couple weeks (though to be honest, everything’s taken a little longer than expected so maybe it will be a few weeks).

Best of all, we have some wonderful regulars and the reception has been really positive.  There have already been many memorable moments.  They all revolve around people.  Here are just a few: a little girl telling her mother that she wanted her bedroom to look like Pop Karma.  People loving our food – one woman told us that she air pops popcorn at home but it never tastes like ours.  A couple that wanted Pop Karma for their wedding.  Several people that expressed surprise and delight when they tried the margarita and asked “how did you do that?”  Chatting with customers that totally get what we’re trying to do with healthy real food snacks.  Our very first press interview with Serena at DNAinfo.

Here’s a little round up of the press we’ve seen:

If we’re missing anything, please let us know.  And if you’re in the area, PLEASE stop in for a popcorn tasting!

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One Response to Our First 10 Days

  1. John D. johnson says:

    We cannot be in New York, so hurry up the online process.

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