Soft Opening

The space is coming together, Chef Stephane has created outstanding recipes, our packaging has arrived, we love our neighborhood, we’ve found amazing suppliers and our tiny team now includes some soulful Popcorn Artists.  Even our banner has been hung.

We’ve been talking about an opening date for the past few weeks since the equipment arrived a few weeks ago.  Early last week Stephane suggested opening this Monday.  Gulp.  That seemed impossible.  But we floated the date, and now it seems doable. [But there’s still so much to do!!!]

A local paper, the Lo-Down, even reported it.  (One of the cool things about the Lower East Side is the passion people have for it.  The Lo-Down is one of the remarkable local news sources that we dig).

So there it is.  Look for a soft opening on Monday.

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3 Responses to Soft Opening

  1. John D. johnson says:

    I still need to know when I can order online. I don’t live in N.Y.

  2. Congrats!! Good luck on your first day!! Can’t wait to see the space! : )

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