We’ve fully funded on Kickstarter! On to Phase 2!


We are thrilled and grateful to announce that we reached 100% funding on Phase 1 of our Kickstarter project last night with 13 days to go! $7,000! That means we have purchased the caramelizer, and it is on the way. Your support has been an endless source of inspiration to keep going. We are eternally grateful to you – our amazing backers and supporters –  and can’t wait to start sending out the rewards!

Thank you for all the support! Spreading the word has made all the difference. Liking us on Facebook, posting our project on your social networks and talking about us has helped! Just a few days ago I was sweating that we wouldn’t get there, and now we are on to Phase 2 of our goal – the air popper for $26,000. Please keep spreading the word – in addition to the karmic good you get for helping a startup, there are really generous rewards (preorder pricing). And we’ll be sure to name the first kernals of popcorn that come out after all of you. Shoot us an email with your name!

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One Response to We’ve fully funded on Kickstarter! On to Phase 2!

  1. John D. johnson says:

    When do you expect to start to ship your pop corn?

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