Key Ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are really excited about our Kickstarter campaign, but we’re more excited about our food. Besides popcorn, one of the most important ingredients at Pop Karma is… extra virgin olive oil. We love the stuff! It is critical in Mediterranean and Italian food, and for good reason — it’s delicious. You can taste the Mediterranean sun and the sea in a good olive oil.

Olive oil plays a predominant role in many of our flavors, especially our Mediterranean flavor (which is my favorite). That’s why nothing but the best  first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil would do.  First press means that our oil comes from the very first squeezing of the olives. Sometimes olive oil is extracted through heat to get more oil. Not ours. That impacts flavor and quality. Our oil has to be from fresh olives that are cold pressed for the first time. We tasted lots of premium olive oils to get the right one. We’re confident we found it, and we’ll be sharing it with you soon.

Besides tasting good, we love olive oil because it’s good for you. It’s good for your heart. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s a monounsaturated fatty acid which helps to lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol. And some studies show it benefits insulin levels and blood sugar controls. Combine those benefits with the air popped whole grain antioxidant rich goodness of popcorn, and that’s crazy. An irresistible healthy snack.

In case you’re curious, olive oil is so powerful it even makes you beautiful. Ancient Romans used to bathe in it. Fancy soap makers use it from pre-Cleopatra times to now. It’s still in beauty lotions and potions.

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