Pop Karma is a Kickstarter Project!

We are live on Kickstarter! You can find us here. Pop Karma is up for 30 days until July 4. We are trying to raise $7,000 for a caramelizer. If we get that, the next $26,000 goes toward an air popper.

Donators get some pretty kick*%! rewards to show our gratitude. Everyone gets popcorn AND they go up on our list of Karmic Sponsors as a tribute of our eternal gratitude. There are some really nifty rewards (if we can say so ourselves) like the opportunity to inspire a popcorn flavor or a Hip Pop Bar for your next party. All of them come at a pretty generous discount.

Please spread the word! Kickstarter is all or nothing so if we don’t reach $7,000 we don’t get anything. And that would be sad.

Regardless of whether or not you donate, let us know what you think! We know we’re not the best on screen, but we had a lot of fun doing it so you can go ahead and make fun of us. Special thanks to Life in Digital for digging deep to make the video with limited on-screen talent (that’s how good Gusto is!).

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