I Don’t Thank You Enough

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” ~The Beatles

I’ve learned the secret to life and what it means.

Last week I was interviewed for Project Eve, and the writer asked me if there was anything about starting a business that surprised me. Honestly, I’m surprised every day, but I’m most surprised by how fun it is. That’s directly due to the many wonderful people I’ve been surrounded by. The support from my friends and family have been overwhelming – it’s been everything from feedback on the name of the company to a logo to painting a spider filled basement to a popcorn chef to hours of valuable advice. It’s impossible to list all the help that I’ve gotten, but I think about and am grateful for it (and you) every day.  It’s the positive faith from everyone that keeps me inspired and motivated.

Getting Pop Karma off the ground would have been impossible without these people. I’m also astounded by the help I’ve gotten from those that I’ve met through Pop Karma. Business advice from my neighbors on Orchard Street (that includes you Steve, even if you’re not a neighbor), all the people involved in finding and signing my space, potential suppliers, everybody that’s been involved in getting it ready… it’s the people that keep me excited for what’s around the bend. That includes you.

So the secret to life? It’s all about relationships. Friends and family. Past, present and future.

As for the Beatles song, scratch that. I get by with a LOT of help from my friends. Thank you.

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