Popcorn is… trendy

Several of you have contacted me with the brilliant idea of serving Pop Karma at next year’s Oscars. Naturally I like that idea. Then NPR featured a story on… POPCORN.

One of my favorite lines from the story is “Popcorn — without the chocolate and saturated fat — also plays a starring role as a health food. It’s low in calories and fat, and high in fiber.” True that. Snack healthy!

Apparently, popcorn is also one of the five trends to watch and high-end brands are popping up. Some brands are being called the Rolls Royce of popcorn, others the Prada of popcorn. Pop Karma is all that, but I’d like to think of Pop Karma as the Nike of popcorn. We’re not about weird flavors and colors. We’re keeping our eye on performance (taste and sustainability) and inspiration, and we’re available to everyone with good taste.

Here’s the NPR story: “Popcorn Gets Its Moment on The Red Carpet

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