Why Karma and Popcorn?

What does karma have to do with popcorn? Karma is originally a Sanskrit word that means “deed” or “action.” This Indian concept suggests that you will reap the consequence of each of your deeds, good or bad.

At Pop Karma, we believe that all our actions matter. The sum of our actions become our character, and as Heraclitus said 2500 years ago, “Character is destiny.”

There’s a lot of fun in believing you can spread good. Believing in karma means accepting responsibility. We stand on our brand pillars. We promise we’re trying to do good, and we promise to keep learning so we can get better.

Sourcing clean, responsibly grown foods and turning it into something delicious results in better health for you and the environment. Treating our customers, our employees, our food and each other with love and respect makes for happier days. Acts of kindness create joy that overpowers discontent.

Every little action pops into something big. That’s the karma behind the popcorn.

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