6 Responses to Pop Karma Logos!

  1. Chris says:

    I love the creation of Pop Karma! As a popcorn grower it is both refreshing and exciting to see such care and thought put into popping and seasoning it. I have noticed that every farmer and their soil produce an array of tastes. To build on the air popped flavor of the kernel has made me a convert from my oil popping days. Hip Hip Hooray!
    My son (11) and I both like the logo with the piece of popcorn in it. It s stylish and whimsical!!
    Happy new year and happy popping!
    Chris & Dominic

    • popkarmanyc says:

      Chris and Dominic, thanks for stopping by! I love the popcorn that you grow at Pioneer Valley Popcorn – it has a lovely true corn flavor and the seed is a really beautiful color. Jean

  2. Michael K Pearson says:

    While both logos are great logos, the “vignette” circle (option one) is a more appropriate representation of your brand and the targeted audiance. However it will be more difficult to produce graphically on packaging and other printed company related stuff. Option two, is much easier to reproduce because it is just a solid color but it will have more ink coverage.

    • popkarmanyc says:

      I love the circle! Though I did wonder about the printing. We are thinking along the same lines, and the professional opinion is really helpful. 🙂

  3. Hi Jean,
    I am drawn to the brown square.
    It is more striking to my eye.

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