Meet Le Popcorn Chef

It’s the pack that gets the job done, not the lone wolf. ~Mike O’Neil

Nothing in this life happens without other people. Even the tortured artist that creates alone wasn’t born alone.  She was inspired by an experience from someone, even if it was negative.

Pop Karma came to be because of a myriad of people, all to whom we are very grateful. We are thankful to have uber-talented Stephane Lemagnen on board as our Chef Consultant and one of our inspirations.

Chef Stephane didn’t have the good fortune of growing up eating popcorn since he’s French, but he has a highly honed subtle palate and is acutely aware of food trends. He grew up in Gascony, France and attended cooking schools in the Pays Basque and in Paris.  He has cooked in a number of Michelin starred restaurants including the famed “Le Crillon” in Paris, then worked in New York City restaurants, most recently at Café Boulud.  In 2006 he developed and opened a critically acclaimed avant-garde dessert bar in New York called “Room 4 Dessert.”  He is now a private chef with a gorgeous website,, which showcases his cooking talent.

We can’t wait to have you try some of his creations!

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