How Pop Karma came to be


I have a confession. I am an incorrigible snacker. I graze all day.

I am also a foodist. I want to eat pure unadulterated food that is sustainably grown. Food that is produced responsibly from farmers that consider themselves stewards of the land. From nourishing crops that aren’t genetically modified and loaded with chemicals. From animals that graze freely and aren’t pumped full of hormones.

I don’t want to scrutinize all my food labels only to find out later the companies aren’t exactly what they seem. I want a delicous snack company that I trust to use the right ingredients, and to treat their relationships and the environment responsibly.

Not that hard, right? I’ve been looking and waiting for that company since 2000. Finally I decided to start it. For a little more about me, you can find my personal blog at

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