Pickle Day 10/19/14

pickleIt’s time for Pickle Day! Everyone talks about the bustling Lower East Side of the past, when everyone came to shop the great clothing deals and pickle vendors populated the area.  For one day every year, this heritage comes back to Orchard Street via Pickle Day.  Orchard Street is packed with revelers since food and retail vendors line the street between Houston and Delancey Streets, including pickle vendors.  Join us for the fun!  We’ll be serving Pickle Popcorn!

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Pop Karma on Fox News

We were thrilled to be featured on Fox News’ popcorn party yesterday! We had a great time in the studio and got a big kick out of seeing what goes on behind the scenes. 

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Taste of the Lower East Side 2014

tles_logoAs proud Lower East Side community members, we are proud to be back at the Taste of the Lower East Side for the second time (even though we aren’t yet two) on April 24.

As the Lower East Side is a food and drink mecca, this event is a who’s who of offerings. In addition to being a fun taste sensation, it supports Grand Street Settlement, and last year’s Taste raised $420K for their programs. Here’s to an even better year!

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Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

Dark Chocolate Caramel Drizzled PopcornOur annual Valentine’s special is back – a 75% dark chocolate drizzled over Pure Caramel popcorn. This decadent popcorn is a result of our sweet collaboration with Tache Artisan Chocolate and will be available through Feb. 16. Each pochette holds about a quart and is $8. You can find it in store, or purchase it online here.

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New Popcorn Tin Labels for Gifts

Popcorn Tin Gifts

Gift Labels for Popcorn Tins

Pop Karma Popcorn makes the perfect gift – we start with thoughtfully and deliciously made from all-natural sustainably grown ingredients. Then we package it in elegant tins and a personal note, topped by your message if you wish to include one.

Now we have launched a series of complimentary gift labels for the top of your popcorn tins. Each label is designed to be elegant, clean and beautiful with an inspirational message. Our first three (just in time for Valentine’s Day) are for V-Day, Birthdays, Feel Better Soon, and general I Love You.

Valentine's Day/Love Popcorn Tin

Say I Love You with Popcorn

Happy Birthday Popcorn Tin

Happy Birthday Popcorn Tin

Valentine’s Day / I Love You Popcorn Tin

Tell someone you love them with this gift label. A simple elegant heart, with a Lao Tzu quote that reminds your special someone:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”



Happy Birthday Popcorn Tin

This label is graced with a trio if festive balloons, and a Henry David Thoreau quote:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”



Feel Better Get Well Soon Popcorn Tin

Feel Better Soon Popcorn Tin


Feel Better Soon

Is someone feeling down? Send them edible flowers with this pretty daffodil label and an inspirational quote from Alex Karras:

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in the muscle.”



We will be adding more tins to our collection. Are there any other labels you would like to see?

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Pop Karma on ABC News’ Insomniac Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how we make our light, fluffy, delicious caramel popcorn? ABC’s World News Now comes into our kitchen and helps Popcorn Artist Jean Tsai make Bacon Apple Bourbon Caramel in this short segment. We had sooo much fun with the entire ABC team – anchor Marci Gonzalez and producers Greg and Tina.

Check out our amazing ingredients in video, then order online!

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Point Thank You on September 11

pointhankyou_120911_420_1A lot has happened in 12 years, and the beauty of life is that we move on. We have to move on from grief or we would never survive. But we don’t forget.

I ran past a ragtag group of people holding thank you signs up on West Side Highway and Christopher Street. Of course I remember 9/11 every year, but seeing this ragtag group in their same position where crowds gathered daily to cheer our responders brought back a visceral set of memories, unbidden tears and a smile. What I remember just as much as the horror is the generosity and kindness that we showed each other in the city, and that the world showed us through volunteers and support. For several weeks New York City became a small town, and the world our state.

I learned today that the area and group is called Point Thank You. I didn’t tell them in 2001 or this morning, but if you stumble across this, thank you for keeping that kind spirit alive.

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